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Protect Your Position: A Tool to Help You Put on The Armor of God e-Booklet

Did you know that the armor of God is like a support system for a renewed mind? Being fully dressed in the armor and armed with the sword is the same as being in Christ and led by the Holy Spirit. This booklet weaves powerful statements, relevant verses, and intimate prayers to equip born-again believers to stand in the palm of His hand.

Ephesians 6

The Framework of Our Faith

The increasing departure from biblical standards seemingly presents the modern believer with new challenges. Although dynamics are changing, the conflict remains the same: Will we choose to trust God? Do we believe His word? We have to resolve to stand HIS ground while trying to love like Christ – no matter how things look and no matter how we feel. 

The armor of God, as relayed by Paul, is a dissection of the resolve that we as Christians are to maintain amongst ungodly opposition. In doing so, he indirectly reveals our vulnerabilities.

As the fight for our faith and familiarity with God rages on, both internally and externally, we can hold firm to His peace when we make a habit of reaching for it. This guide was written to serve as a handy tool to effectively dress your mind and spirit daily. Use it to reinforce eternal truths that quiet fear and anxiety, guiding you to the refuge provided by our Lord.

Sample Pages

Protect Your Position_A Tool to Help You Put on The Armor of God_Belt of Truth Sample Page

Powerful Truths

No fluff. Potent, medicinal, timeless truths that should be engraved on the heart and mind of every believer. Written to be loud enough to awaken your spirit.

Protect Your Position_A Tool to Help You Put on The Armor of God_Breastplate of Righteousness Verses Sample Page

Relevant Verses

Provided in both ESV and one other carefully selected translation to help deliver the message to the modern believer.

Protect Your Position_A Tool to Help You Put on The Armor of God_Helmet of Salvation Prayer Sample Page

Intimate Prayer Starters

One for each piece of armor. Presented as a guide, if needed, into an intimate application of the armor by seeking blessed assurance from His Spirit.


The fight is not optional. Every day we face circumstances and choices that challenge our faith in, intimacy with, and obedience to God.


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