Julie True

Intimate, spirit-soaking worship

About Julie

Do you see God in breath-taking landscapes? In the ocean meeting the horizon? Or in the clouds from an airplane window?

If so, Julie’s spirit-soaking worship may work to usher you into the presence of the Holy Spirit. Her music is reverent, perfect for seeking out our Holy God in a quiet place. Music this soothing has the power to tame your thoughts, quiet your energy, and illuminate the God-given peace that surpasses all understanding.

From Julie True’s website:

God has invited me to “infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing,” primarily through music, worship, creative sounds, and prayer. My desire is to share words of scripture, words of hope and encouragement, and words of declaration that spring from a heart that believes God is good, and that He is willing and able to heal us – spirit, soul, and body.


This music can help you focus on the presence of God.


This music can work to heal and restore your mind, body, and soul.


This music is soft and relaxing.

Soak in His Presence

Spirit-soaking worship music is just what it sounds like, music purposed to envelope you in peace and invite God to meet you there.

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We are hard-wired to respond to music. Use it as a tool to tune you into the Spirit of God.


Speaking God's promises


Shifting your perspective


Focus on God's presence


Heal and restore


Refresh and rejuvenate


Joyful praise


Soft and warm


Deep and resonant


Bold and stirring