How to Pray – Easy Method to Spend More Time in Prayer

Jan 11, 2021Fasting and Prayer

Prayer is essential to intimacy with God. Can you imagine a relationship with someone you never talk to? Especially with someone that you can’t see in the flesh?

Not only does God delight in your communion with Him, it works to bring your heart and mind into alignment with his. It’s not a one way street, it’s an exchange.

Incessant prayer can be as simple as remembering God throughout the day, thanking him throughout the day, and finding different ways to acknowledge Him in things that you do.

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans” – Romans 8:26

But there’s levels to this. And if you’re looking for more, more you will receive.

I copied the below prayer format from Pastor Jide Lawore of Agape House of Worship’s 21 Day Challenge. Having a format makes it easy to press in longer, taking me to a deeper, more secret place with Yahweh – a beautiful place overflowing with good gifts and messages just for me. I’m confident it will do the same for you!

Step 1: Meditation

Read and meditate on a Bible passage and/or devotional. If you have the Bible app on your phone you can simply use the verse of the day for this. Pulling up the chapter and reading the surrounding verses may also speak life into you.

Tip: Say a short prayer before you read scripture. Asking God to bless the reading of his word, to make you receptive to it, and thanking Him for the access you have to Him. Life is full of distractions and this can help you focus spiritually by putting a little respect on the fact that you are about to tune in to the Holy Spirit.

Step 2: Adoration

Spend some time in thanksgiving, praise, and worship to God.

You can enhance your worship using:

  • The book of Psalms
  • The different names of God (E.g., Jehovah Jireh, Most High God, Alpha and Omega, etc.)
  • Use worship songs from YouTube, Spotify, etc. (I feature some powerful worship music here)

Step 3: Petitioning

Your own personal prayer needs and requests. If you are doing a devotional that comes with prayer points, this is a good time to include those as well.

Step 4: Intercession

  • Pray for friends or other families in need. This is very important.
  • Pray for your church, pastor, ministry etc.
  • Pray for your city, nations etc.

Search the Bible

Studying the bible is essential to intimacy with God. Blue Letter Bible has been my favorite bible search site since the beginning of my journey with God. They have easy tools to dig deep into the meaning of words and phrases that will undoubtedly increase your understanding and help you get closer to God.