This music is bold and stirring.


This music is refreshing and rejuvenating.


This music is joyful.

Excerpt from the lyrics:

It’s kind of like laughter, out of the mouths of your lovеd ones
Or catching up with an old friend, reminiscing on back whеn
It’s like a summertime sprinkler, street side with my ice cream cone
Said it sounds like a choir, singing hymns hallelujah
It’s the voice of God
It can make a grown man cry

And I can hear it on the wind of an early morning, haha
When the fog is getting thick and the birds are chirping
Oh, it’s just something I can’t explain, no
But it makes me wanna cry

And I can hear it in the hush of a midnight hour
When I’m alone in my room if I’m going under
Oh, I just can’t explain, no
But it brings me back to life

It’s like the sound of a newborn baby crying
Like the final breath of a loved one passing
Oh, it’s a beautiful day, yeah
‘Cause it leads me to the light

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We are hard-wired to respond to music. Use it as a tool to tune you into the Spirit of God.


Speaking God's promises


Shifting your perspective


Focus on God's presence


Heal and restore


Refresh and rejuvenate


Joyful praise


Soft and warm


Deep and resonant


Bold and stirring