12 Biblical Daily Affirmations for Spiritual Authority and Alignment

Jan 10, 2021Maintaining Your Relationship

Did you know that the Hebrew word most often translated to meditate means to speak or mutter? There are 6 verses in Psalms 119 that talk about meditating on God’s word – uttering them daily. The power of spoken word doesn’t stop with Our Creator who spoke the world into existence, Proverbs tells us that our tongue has the power of life and death (18:21).

When pursuing alignment with God, Satan often tries to remind you of just how ungodly you are. Remember, God so much wants to be with you, that he insisted you come to his “throne of grace” boldly. He knows the weaknesses of your flesh and he said to come to Him BOLDLY. There’s love for you there. He said there is no more disgrace for you. He cares for your welfare, He is NOT waiting for your downfall. Remember that as you recite and meditate on the below statements.

    • God has set me apart. I belong to him.
    • The most high God has chosen to make us his Temple. The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in me.
    • Therefore, no weapon forged against me will prevail, and every tongue that judges me will be made a liar.
    • I walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • I receive wisdom from God and I have self-control in the spirit He gave me.
    • I am a child of God. I hear from him. I’m led by him. So I make decisions with no fear nor anxiety.
    • Everything I set my hands to prospers and succeeds.
    • I am reconciled. There are no charges against me.
    • I am forgiven, so I forgive.
    • I am free from all guilt, regret, and shame.
    • I am free from all hurt, hate, animosity, and resentment.
    • I have peace that surpasses all understanding. My mind is at peace.  My heart is at peace.

Search the Bible

Studying the bible is essential to intimacy with God. Blue Letter Bible has been my favorite bible search site since the beginning of my journey with God. They have easy tools to dig deep into the meaning of words and phrases that will undoubtedly increase your understanding and help you get closer to God.

PDF Download

For your convenience, here is a printable PDF of the biblical daily affirmations. Place it somewhere you’ll see it in the morning and remember to recite them. Alternatively, you can just save the picture to your phone to refer to it throughout the day.